The Importance of a Safe Working Environment

To create a safe working environment, there should be collaboration between management and employees to follow safety standards and procedures.  Everyone working in the facility should be following these steps, not just to protect themselves from injury, but to ensure the safety of their fellow coworkers as well.   While some of these tips may seem like common sense, they are still very important in creating a hazard free, safe working environment.

Below are some basic safety tips to help keep a safe work environment:

  • Clean work environment: Many injuries in the workplace can be prevented by keeping the work area clean.  Removing hazards on the ground like scrap material, tools and equipment, and debris can help to prevent trips and falls that could lead to employee injury.
  • Ventilation System: Many machines in an industrial environment can release fumes and exhaust gasses that can be harmful to an employee’s heath. A working ventilation system can vent those fumes and provide a clean air environment for all employees.
  • Emergency Equipment: Equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets can help to stop a fire that could cause damage and injuries. It is important that all working environments have this equipment, and that it is up to date and regularly tested.
  • Wiring: Electrical wiring that is not maintained and regularly inspected can lead to a fire which can cause injuries and damage to the building. There should be no exposed wiring in the building and the wiring also should be able to handle all of the power demands of the facility. It should also be 3-wire grounded to prevent shocks to employees.
  • Training: Training employees on how to operate tools and equipment properly will prevent injuries to the user and people working around them in the building. No employee should be allowed to operate a machine without proper instruction and training first.

At Riverside Brass we understand the importance of a safe work environment for all of our employees. As a growing company we are committed to providing quality and value to our customers and are committed to the wellbeing of our employees.  For more information on all of our capabilities and services visit our website.