Meet Our President, David Seyler!

We often discuss industry trends, topics, and news in our blog, but this month Riverside Brass Aluminum Foundry Ltd. is shining the spotlight on President David Seyler. Mr. Seyler is the former president of the Canadian Foundry Association, where he served from 2011-2012. As president of the CFA, David met and worked alongside many of Canada’s best foundry owners; approximately 160 foundries and foundry members represented 80 percent of the tonnage produced and supplied in Canada. This opportunity also gave him the chance to act as the voice of the CFA and its members in front of the Workmans’ Compensation Board, numerous manufacturing associations, government departments, and more.

David Seyler leads by example, as evidenced by his work with the Standards Branch of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE.) During his CFA presidency, David worked closely with the Environmental Committee and the MOE to test emissions from foundries. He volunteered Riverside Brass to be visited and tested to help the MOE establish acceptable emissions standards that ultimately resulted in the Foundry Specific Technical Standard. This put Riverside Brass at the cutting edge of emissions standards and established close relationships with any new government initiatives.

David also developed and established essential safety policies through the CFA Health and Safety Committee and the Ontario Workplace Safety and Prevention Services. Although he is no longer President of the CFA, Riverside Brass continues to be actively involved and supportive with the association. Thanks in part to David Seyler, Riverside Brass customers can count on our continued leadership in the industry.