From One Innovation to the Next: Introducing Riverside’s New Centrifugal Casting Department

When it comes to providing ISO-certified non-ferrous and alloy castings for celebrated clients, we’ve been at the height of our game ever since we got the ball rolling some 40 years ago. And with every subsequent year our company progresses, we are simply getting younger. How so? By making it our lifelong habit to apply continuous innovation to our capabilities. While other mid-sized industrial companies have a tendency to stick with the original services, technologies, and engineering smarts that made them profitable to begin with, they oftentimes don’t take into account new industry trends, production strategies, and – most of all – new customer needs. The way we see it here at Riverside Brass, the future is always directly behind your shoulder, ready to outpace and overtake you at a moment’s notice. Those who refuse to adapt, let alone anticipate, the needs of future businesses and consumers are liable to find themselves left behind to the history books and commemorative plaques. We might well have provided a few such plaques ourselves for some of those companies.

It is thus with equal parts triumphant fanfare and practical necessity that we introduce a whole new industrial capability to our clients: our centrifugal casting department. Essentially, centrifugal casting is a technique employed in casting tube-shaped products with tightened grain structures. Unlike sand casting (one of our long-standing fortes), which relies more on customized measurement and specific calibration to determine the dimensions of the resulting product, centrifugal casting is a means of manufacturing stock materials in standard sizes for further machining down the line. If done the right way, the high-speed rotation process in centrifugal casting of a tube results in a surface and inside diameter that are equally fine grained, and easily machined away by further work. With the installation of a new horizontal and vertical axis centrifugal casting machine, and with a brilliant new head of operations with years of experience in centrifugal casting leading our department, we can only report that our products have met success in a variety of applications and industries, with more sure to follow.

To let us know more about what casting needs you may have – whether standardized or customized – reach out to us via email or contact Riverside Brass by phone today.