A Look Back on a Great Summer Outing

On July 18, 2015 Riverside Brass held its Annual Picnic. We had 140 employees and families in attendance. This year we went to African Lion Safari.  We had great weather and and even better food.  They also provided food for those with allergies – Awesome!  There was a lot for us to do and lots of beautiful animals from far and near.  Some of our braver employees even dared to take an Elephant ride, touch snakes and spiders!  We had an air conditioned bus ride throughout the park, which was a welcomed cool down.

We want to say thank you to the employees and to the Social Club Committee for making this an awesome day.

IMG_20150718_111910 IMG_20150718_113011 IMG_20150718_111052 IMG_20150718_105625 Elephant ride IMG_20150718_135050 IMG_20150718_125404